Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Some thoughts on LOST

Here are a couple of things I noticed after watching last nights episode:

Hugo was the 1st person who met MIB to speak before MIB did. I am not exactly sure what this means, but everyone who let MIB speak first did not fare to well.

We know nothing about Desmond's childhood and we don't know anything about his parents. We know a little bit about every ones family or childhood, but not Desmond's. It would be nice to have an episode that looks at his early childhood.

Since when is trusting Michael a good idea?? He murdered Libby and Ana Lucia, but all of the sudden Hugo has his full confidence in what Michael is telling him. I am just very skeptical of Michael as he has appeared again out of nowhere and he has always made his own self-interests happen at the expense of others.

Desmond seems to be the most confident man in the world in both the Original timeline and the flash-side ways timeline. Everything he is doing seems to be crystal clear and makes sense to him and I think that is because he can see the connection between both time lines and is the messenger between the two. As you all probably suspect, Desmond is going to play a huge role down the stretch here.

Desmond probably hit Locke in the FST because to experience the original timeline you must experience a near death experience or to feel love. Locke has now had his near death experience and now he will probably be taken to Jack's hospital where he will be the doctor that takes care of Locke. Desmond's goal in the FST seems to be to connect everyone in the FST to themselves in the OT.

I am so glad Desmond is back in the mix, he is such an intriguing and interesting character.

See ya in another life brother.

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