Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Exploring Topics

Today I begin research for my term paper. However, where should I start?

Over the period of this course many topics have arisen. Such as Lost (which I am literally lost in, I have never seen an episode and feel as if it is too late to jump on the bandwagon of faithful watchers), Star Trek again a topic that I am not up to date on, and various Sci Fi t.v. shows that have been cancelled despite their faithful followers tuning in every weeknight to get his or her fix.

With so many topics that I am unfamiliar with, picking a topic might prove to be difficult. However the broad arena of Science fiction allows me to have room to explore. Which brings me to a possible topic. Since I am very uneducated in the field of science fiction, perhaps I can write about how, despite the fact I am not a faithful follower, I still know a handful of information about cult shows such as Star Trek and Star Wars. This reminds me of the article that was about Star Trek's impact on the general populace. I could explore how one show that preaches a positive future for humankind can become bigger than the tv that shows it every Monday night.

I need your help though. If Star Trek or Star Wars has impacted you or a friend in any way, share the impact with me! This way, I can explore how one show can be considered to be beacon light for a large mass of people.

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James F. McGrath said...

I asked for some suggestions on my blog and you can read the responses in the comments section.

Let me know if those help, and what else if anything I can do to be of assistance!