Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lost is starting to all make sense!

I was hoping for it sooner rather than later, but now all the flashbacks, flash-forwards, and present-flashes(?) are really beginning to make sense! Lost is beginning to reveal that it has been dealing not just with whether time travel is feasible or not, but jumping right into the question of if it's right or even desirable. still, they aren't approaching the question from a moral standpoint at all. rather, it seems to be a question of destiny and asking if there's a life we are supposed to lead and a future we are supposed to have. Which of course is now raising the question in this final season...what happens when we try to change our destiny? Challenging our destiny is of course usually portrayed as a good thing in media such as Star Wars where destiny is a future that should be fought against and changed. Lost, however, is approaching this negatively...this alternate timeline that they created to try and prevent everything horrible (i.e. ever even crashing on the island) from ever happening to them seems to be against the natural order of the universe. It's not yet clear how changing their present is going to impact the characters, but by and large they seem to be making the same choices they made the first time around. At this point I am really hoping for a clear statement from the creators of Lost. It doesn't have to make sense to everyone, but I just want the show to conclude by offering some clear vision that will leave viewers with an added dimension of perspective and at the very least something to ponder. I'll be ticked if it just cuts to a black screen (or a white one) :)

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