Thursday, April 8, 2010

SG-1 and worship

Worship for me is hard to define. I am not very religious person so I never been a member of any organized religious group. When reading the article about the little people in twilight zone I instantly identified with the little people and not either group of astronauts. I identified with little people because I do not think I could really demand worship from anyone and I think if I was to worship something the reason might be more out of fear than actual love. When Craig starts to demand worship from the aliens it remained me of another show called Stargate SG-1. In the final season of Stargate there is a race of being called the Ori this particular race is more advanced than any of the humanoids on planet that SG-1 has explore before. However SG-1 chooses not to worship the Ori because the team knows the origin of the Ori and knows that they were once humanoids. Even though the Ori could easily kill any race that SG-1 has encounter they refuses to worship them because they were once beings similar to them. The Ori have ascended to a new level of concession that is only attainable to a few. Another group similar to the Ori is the ancients who come from the same origin of the Ori but do not really care about humans in the slightest. One thing that I have always wondered is what would if SG-1 do if they were to in counter a being that has been there since the test of time? SG -1 never bows down to the beings that pretend to be Gods because there is always a scientific explanation to how those beings got there. However would SG-1 bow down to being that had no origin that was always there and that knows everything or would they continue to look for scientific explanation or simply chose to ignore it?

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MrE2Me2 said...

I just discovered your blog.

I am a big fan of Stargate.

If you have not found it yet, here is a website devoted to all things ‘Stargate’.

You pose an interesting question.
In some ways it is even more interesting that the ‘Stargate people’ have not posed it yet, themselves.
I do not believe that SG1 would bow before anyone, even if they believed that they were meeting a person with no origin.
I think that they would find bowing to be an absurd notion and not a true sign of respect, anyway.

The ‘Ori’ and SG1 saga is concluded in the movie, ‘Stargate The Ark of Truth’.
This movie takes place just before the fourth season of the spin off series Stargate Atlantis.
(I won’t give away the ending but I will say that I really enjoyed the movie.)