Monday, April 5, 2010

Some thoughts on the afterlife...

We talked today about whether immortality is something to be desired or if death would in fact be something that true immortals would envy. I honestly feel that a story such as Card's comes about from a generation of over-stimulated people constantly seeking the next new thing, which i would argue will make you bored (and addicted to 10 different things) before you hit 30, much less 150. I tend to view immortality more the way Tolkien presents it in his books (sorry for the non-sci-fi reference). In the Lord of the Rings, if they arent killed prematurely the race of Elves can live forever in joy and harmony with nature and are portrayed as the wisest of creatures in Middle Earth. So yes, in my present state and in this world i would certainly not want to live forever, and I fully sympathize with elderly people who often say it is their time to go. I do however hope for an eternity of peace and harmony where time, if it exists at all, is a joy...rather than a drag of constantly searching for the next new thing to entertain me.

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