Saturday, April 10, 2010


In reading article about the balance between the force I came to thinking about the whole concept of good and evil. In Star Wars Darth Vader brings balance to the force because the good were getting to powerful and in fact they were starting to become a bit corrupt. There is no way to not have good without evil. If there was no evil there would be nothing to compare good to. I have always like movie more when there is not happy ending. Movies where nobody wins have I always appeal to me more than when good always triumph because it is more realistic. It is easier in Star Wars movies to identify with the Darth Vader because he was innocent in the beginning of it. If you think about it the Jedi were using him because they know how powerful he was going to become not because they wanted to help him. In fact they tell him to forget about his mother and move on. We see a turn in him when his own mother dies which is not that surprising because his mother just died and they are telling him to suppress his feelings. My question is how can Jedi protect people if they have no human feeling. This brings me to earlier conversation in class that we had about robots and we decided that robots cannot have souls because they have no feelings. If a Jedi as no real feelings do they have souls?

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