Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Repo men

I don’t know how many people have seen the new movie Repo Men but it brings up some really interesting points that we have been talking about in class. At the very end the movie it revealed that main character is actually died for more than half of the movie. It turns out that the main character was put into a dream like state after losing significant amount of his brain. This man is really against technology but is forced in to state because his friend feels bad for accidentally killing him. The question is how bad is it if this man has no clue what is going on? He is happy in this dream like state but if he knew the truth he would be very angry. Some people might think that this man might be better off in dream like state than died but I do not agree because he would never have gone along with this in life. However I do not have anything against people if technology was possible who might choose to go into this dream like state. I believe that people should be able to choose their own path of death.


Ben G-M said...

I did see it actually! despite being highly turned off by the movies concept as a whole, I did find the end interesting. I found myself wondering if this was just another "prison for your mind" or if in fact it was far preferable to existing on through artificial lifesupport

Yaleth said...

I have totally seen that movie! I liked the music, actually...for some reason I was grotesquely drawn to the grave-robber. But I think I would not have gotten artificial organs if it meant that they would be re-possessed later.