Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Women and Their Portrayal in Comics/Female Superheroes

During today’s class session, we discussed female superheroes. It’s funny that something I watched years ago has so much of an effect on our daily culture. Female superheroes perpetuate the gender roles that have been present in our society for years. For instance, it was mentioned that Jean Grey (the X-Men character) could be interpreted as a representation of the burden that women carry. Women are often seen as the nurturers who are also expected to deal with stressful situations with grace and ease. Also, it was mentioned that Mystique (another female X-Men character) propagated the less flattering female stereotypes. She was seen as an evil seductress in the movies. I really found this class discussion to be interesting – hopefully we will continue to explore how women are seen in science fiction.

Also, here’s another nut for you to chew on here:

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