Wednesday, February 17, 2010

All Dogs Go to Heaven

After Monday's discussion about souls and their nature, I was reminded of a fake church feud that popped up on the internet a couple years ago. Click here for the link.

We talked today a lot about human souls and one person even mentioned that interfering with other humans is considered bad because the human soul is considered bad because the human soul is considered sacred, but what about other forms of life? In the story that we read, the fire balloons are on a on a higher plane of physical existence than humans, but they seem to have souls.

What do people think of non-humans having souls? In Eastern religions (esp. Hinduism), other living creatures on earth are assumed to have soul, and reincarnation allows for those souls to go to other physical bodies at the start of a new life cycle. Christianity can be vague about this sometime, with one camp saying that all living things have souls, and the other saying that only humans due and we're tasked with "having dominion over" all living all living creatures."

The church feud in question focuses on whether or not dogs can go to heaven. One church believes so; the other doesn't. Thoughts?


Yaleth said...

I had a Sunday school teacher in childhood who said he couldn't be happy in heaven w/o his dog Gabe. I still think of that. >_^

noconnor09 said...

I don't see why not? We are all God's creatures, if a being can express love than I believe they have a soul. Was Love not the teachings of Jesus? It is undoubtably so that my puppies love me and I love them. Why deny them into heaven? And I agree with your Sundy school teacher...I would not be happy in heaven with out my family and my past dogs and my current puppies are my family, sometimes more than my actual ones!