Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lost: The Beginning of The End


I was pleased with the first 2 hours of season six!! There was only one thing I knew was certain going into the season, that it would raise more questions, anything else could happen from the ending to season 5. The writers obviously succeeded in raising more questions. The writers have now created two timelines, one where Oceanic flight 815 never crashes and another where the survivors of flight 815 are still on the island. This brings up the question of what reality are they living in? Did their flight land safely? Are they still on the island? or both? Also in the reality off the island, it showed the island had sunk and was underwater. Another question to explore.
Jacob's nemesis is another interesting topic. Has he always been on the island? First as himself as the man in black, then as the black smoke, now taking the appearance of John Locke who can still turn into the black smoke. How then is Jacob's nemesis able to shape shift? as he has appeared in the past as Yemi to Mr. Eko.
Juliet told Miles after she died that, "It worked." What exactly does she mean by it worked? I had the idea that if it worked there would be one reality where Oceanic flight 815 landed safely. If the explosion did work, then why are they still on the island? Are the possibly in an alternate universe?
Why is Hugo chosen by Jacob to save Sayid's life? Why is Sayid's life so valuable to Jacob that he would help save him? Interesting that Sayid was seemingly dead, but then was revived/resurrected somehow, as I always say no one is dead in Lost until they are buried in the ground for at least a couple of episodes. What do the Temple Dwellers want to talk to Jack about?

These were just my initial few (well maybe more than a few) questions after just watching the start of the new season. If anyone has any theories or possible answers to these questions I would be more than happy to discuss them on here! I can't wait to see what happens next week.
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