Monday, February 15, 2010

Religious Affiliation of Superheroes

GakuseiDon left a comment on my blog with a link to this fantastic, fascinating and apparently comprehensive list of the religious affiliations of superheroes. I think this will certainly give our class things to talk about!

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noconnor09 said...

When we discussed superheroes in class, I didn't mention a thought I had about superheroes, villians & religion. For the ones that were at one point human and somehow scientifically accquired their super powers, their transformation can be symbolized as a "rebirth." Peter Parker was bitten by a super-spider and transformed into Spiderman with spider-like abilities. His super-powers made him into a superhero, using his powers to benefit mankind. Doc Oc aquired his powers through a freak scientific accident but instead of using his powers to help people, he is "reborn" as a villan. What decides the fate of these transformations? Is it the means to which they are given their powers? Or the person they are before they aquire their powers? If you believe the latter is the case, are the more naive, pure characters destined to be superheroes and the ones hardened by human experiences predetermined to be evil?