Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SciFi Movie Binge

I perused through Target yesterday and bought tons of movies (prob more than I should have). I wanted to post my new SciFi Film Library in case anyone wanted to borrow any of them or if there was any real interest in a group getting together to view them. Just send me an email if you're interested in any of these:
The Day the Earth Stood Still
X-Men III: The Last Stand
Star Wars Prequel Trilogy:(3 DVDs, ONE case)
*I-Phantom Menace
*II-Attack of the Clones
*III-Revenge of the Sith
Star Wars Trilogy: (3 DVDs, ONE case)
*IV-A New Hope
*V-The Empire Strikes Back
*VI-Return of the Jedi
Double Feature:(ONE Case)
Underworld: Evolution
Triple Feature: (ONE Case)
The Day After Tomorrow
i, Robot
Independence Day
4 Film Favorites: Blade Collection (ONE Case)
Blade II
Blade Trinity
Blade house of Chthon
4 Film Favorites: The Matrix Collection (ONE Case)
Matrix Reloaded
Matrix Revolutions
***Feel free to add your SciFi movie collection to this post so we can have a class collection library going!***

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Yaleth said...

I love The Animatrix.