Friday, February 26, 2010

Scientology Endorsements

Today in class we talked about the fairly new religion of Scientology. I do not know a lot about Scientology. However whenever I hear about the religion I cannot help but to think about Tom Cruise. I believe that his celebrity overshadows the religion. I also feel that his endorsement makes me less likely to believe in the values of Scientology. I feel that some of the famous believers in Scientology make the religion less credible, because to me it feels like they are just trying a new "trend". Sort of like they try on the latest label for the red carpet. Maybe this is just me misunderstanding celebrities, but I am always skeptical of endorsements made by celebrities. Do celebrities really believe what they are saying, how much are they getting paid for making these statements, or when the cameras are off do they continue to live what they are preaching to the mass media? These are the thoughts that run through my mind when I hear Tom Cruise talk about Scientology. I am sure now that you are thinking about these theories as well.

Whatever your opinions on the theories are, I am sure that you have failed to notice one thing. Scientology. By having celebrities represent the religion, viewers are distracted by the celebrity and the ethics behind the endorsement. Try to watch the following clip with detachment. Try to forget that the narrator/host is Tom Cruise. Try to focus on the core values of Scientology that are presented. Let me know how this attempt goes. Maybe you will succeed, but I find myself criticizing and second guessing a lot of the topics he presents.


chuckbeatty77 said...

The Scientology "upper levels" steps teach you to telepathically spiritually counsel your "body thetans" (dead alien souls that infest each of us to the tune of 10s of thousands of "body thetans" per human person today). Scientology "upper level" spiritual therapy helps a Scientologist rid themself of their personal load of "body thetans."

It is the lingering and sometimes very nasty mental leakage of mental turmoil from the minds of these "body thetans" (they leak the "implanted" false information from a very nasty overwhelming 36 1/2 day long electronic science fictionesque mental "implant" (think of the implant Arnold Schwartznegger got in the movie "Total Recall" and multiply that by 36 and 1/2 days and ramp it up thousands of times). Our "body thetans" are pretty messed up. They leak their crap into our minds.

Xenu is just an ancient bad guy space leader who did the dirty deed of murdering billions of humanoids brought here to earth 75 million years ago, and subsequently he had these dead humanoids' souls ("body thetans") given the mega 36 1/2 day long implant.

L. Ron Hubbard's secret confidential explanation for earth's craziness is this science fictionesque incident.

We're all living a wildly exaggerated more intricately messed up implant compared to poor Arnold Schwartznegger in "Total Recall" is all.

Our mental and physical problems confidentially comes from the implanted false info in our body thetans' minds, and the L. Ron Hubbard Scientology spiritual technology of the "upper levels" teaches you to telepathically communicate to you "body thetans", one body thetan at a time and later in "clusters" of body thetans, and you rid yourself of these "body thetans." The Science Fiction aspect of Scientology is all to do with past lives on other advanced space civilizations which absolutely Scientologists grow to believe are and were real.

L. Ron Hubbard on one of his FAMOUS "Class 8 " lectures says the Xenu/body thetan spiritual story is FACT, and he is fiercely arrogantly emphatic states no Scientologist has the right to challenge FACT.

So unfortunately Hubbard's Science Fiction he's sealed as FACT for his followers, leaving them boxed into this mindset.

Simply put, Scientology has a way of leading you info Hubbard's world, and if you go there, you have to play along, agree, or get in trouble within the confines of that system.

It's a totalitarian science fictionesque alien soul exorcism therapy religion.

Scientology runs propaganda against its perceived enemies, here's Hubbard to judge for yourself:

15, 18 February 1988 Confidential BLACK PROPAGANDA …. Our propaganda is dirty.... We do this trick by survey and attack.... we become re-classified as attackers and the enemy as bad hats …... We just run propaganda campaigns....It reclassifies our attackers as evil people... Achieve for ourselves a dominance in classifying ourselves and others." "L. RON HUBBARD, … official Church policy.
"16 FEBRUARY 1969 "Confidential" "TARGETS, DEFENSE" "..... Our next best defense line was being sure the public knew we were a Church." "...The vital targets on which we must invest most of our time are: ...Depopularizing the enemy to a point of total obliteration." "....Use all other similar groups as allies." “L. RON HUBBARD” “Founder” “Adopted as official Church policy by CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY INTERNATIONAL”
Chuck Beatty, ex Scientology staffer life time bureaucrat, 1975-2003, Pittsburgh, 412-260-1170,

Yaleth said...

How helpful and convenient to have your insider information. Thanks!