Monday, March 1, 2010


In a previous class that I took a group of students, not including me, had to visit a community of scientologists and then make a classroom presentation on them. They tried hard to as fair as possible, but frankly it was clear that they were a bit freaked out be the whole experience. They mentioned the auditing and anti- mind altering drug stance that was spoken about in the presentation, but they didn't mention Xenu at all so his existence was news to me. I decided I wanted to know a bit more about him and I'm going to share what I have found. (Beware, dubious internet sources may have been used) Apparently the Church of Scientology attempts to cover up the story of Xenu thus probably why the group in my previous class didn't mention him. Knowledge of this story is reserved for those who have reached a high level called Clear. The story goes that Xenu's planets were very overpopulated so with the help of psychiatrists (!) he lured people together, knocked them unconscious, and then froze them in such a way that their souls were captured. He then takes them to Earth and proceeds to blow them all up, but while thier bodies die thier souls remain. Xenu then rounds up these souls and essentially forces them to watch a 36 day long movie which brain washes them making them forget who they are and implants all sorts of false beliefs including all of the world's religions. Eventually Xenu's intergalactic buddies catch up with him and lock him in a mountain. An interesting little factoid is that apparently reading the Xenu story without first completing the appropriate courses and levels (and paying the appropriate amounts of money) will cause pneumonia. So if anyone reading this starts to get sick, I'm sorry. Reading this story kind of makes me sad I'm not a scientologist, this story is so awesomely epic that I wish I could believe it.

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maham said...

It does not suprise me that they do not tell the Xenu story becuase it would probably scare new followers running. But this can also mean that those who are told this story are so committed to this religion that they no longer question and just believe.
This story also reminds me about the story of the ying-yang (gog and magog) story about the end of the world in Islam. Basically there are these things/beings that are locked up in some mountain and everyday they are going trying to get out. If they get out then it will be the end of the world. This is an interesting story so if you want to know more you should research it.