Monday, March 22, 2010

Gus come to life

The scary thing is, the idea of a program like Gus is not very far fetched at all. Honestly, all you would need would be a computer with a couple zetabytes of memory (you've all heard of terabytes being 1000 gigabytes? yeah those numbers keep getting bigger and already exist). In fact, I would say the only thing preventing such a thing is broadband and capitalism. The computer would have to have unlimited access to the internet and have enough broadband to analyze all aspects of human trafficking on the internet. That of course would cost alot of money for web hosting, but the technology is already there. And what would we make of this computer? hypothetically with that kind of info it could very well understand humanity better than any one person could. Our brains have the capacity to learn something every second for over 900,000 years before it would begin to fill up...a wonder of nature that was once thought to be forever unequalled. not for long, it's entirely feasible to make a computer with similar properties now. The only problem I have with the story of Gus is that I think no matter how human-like we make machines, we are never going to consider them so like us that we feel the need to have a funeral for their processors and intel chips...*made in taiwan* stamped on the back and everything

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Yaleth said...

Do you mean human traffic or trafficking? ^_^