Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bishop Zarcon Alexis, Diocese of Scoprite V

Well, I honestly forgot about the Science Fiction short story until Sunday, when I re-looked at the syllabus. I thought it was going to be difficult to write a short story, and that I would just put in enough effort to get it done.

So, I just sat down at a computer and started writing whatever popped into my head. I'm about half way done with my story, and never would I have imaged in my mind the intricacies in my story. The general basis of my story: It's in the future, and the Catholic Church is facing a shortage of priests in some areas of the world. Earth has already established friendly relations a while back with the people of Scoprite V. The Catholic Church has decided to pioneer an effort to eangelise these people, but also to look into establishing a seminary here on Earth, to ordain Scopritians to become priests to not only tend to flocks on Earth, but Scoprite V as well. However, this presents a few problems. One being, people not being very accepting of these beings. (They are very human-like, with a few differences.) Also, some people are reluctant to be ministered to by a flock of 'alien priests', for some believe they are not considered 'God's Creatures'

Throughout the rest of the story, I try to grasp these problems, and search for an inclusiveness for these Scopritians, and how Earth comes to grips with such a situation.

I find the process of just sitting down writing it bits and pieces at a time very gratifying and somewhat cathartic, because it's like the story is unfolding before me, and I can take it wherever I want."

In essence, it allows me to take a break from my regular static academic pursuits, and let my creative genius (what little I have) explore the "what if" and have some fun.

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