Friday, March 26, 2010

Artificial Intelligence & Racism

After discussing the idea of artificial intelligence, I was left with a lot more questions.

(I’ll call them robots for the sake of space in this blog posting.)

Do robots have rights? Would we add constitutional amendments guaranteeing them rights? Would it take years for robots to gain equal rights like it did for African-Americans and women?

What happens if the robots are faced with racism? Would it even be considered racism if someone discriminated against the robots? Would the robots be considered a new race or would they be considered an offshoot of the human race since we would be their creators?


Yaleth said...

I think robots would be considered a new new species...but I think if they were described "racially," the word would take on new meaning. I mean, we are the human race, and yet we distinguish among ethnic or demographic races w/in the human race. Robots would not be human...they would be humanoid, but then again, so are Vulcans, Bajorans and other "races" depicted on Star Trek, for example. Yet I think Bajorans and Vulcans have a greater degree of sentience than automated machines (at least at this point in our technology). It's hard for me to imagine technology beyond what is immediately available to us...I admit this...

maham said...

I think question is not whether robots will get right, the question is do we consider robots worthy to be compared to humans?
A lot of people do not care about animal rights becuase they consider them "just animals." So will robots be "just robots" as well?

brightbulb said...

Thank you both for commenting on my blog posting. I think you make a great point, maham. In our current society, people do see animals as lesser than humans. I can see why one would think that robots would be viewed in the same manner.

Yaleth, your Star Trek knowledge is impressive. Why do you think it is hard for you to imagine technology beyond what is immediately available to us?