Friday, January 29, 2010

Faith and the Force

During discussion in class on Wednesday one of aspect I kept coming back to me was the very idea of the force and what was. When I watched the original Star Wars movies it seemed to me that the force was a life source that connected everything and everybody. The life source itself was indifferent it could be used for bad or good. The very idea of faith itself seems to me neither bad nor good very much like the force in Star Wars. It how people view and use their faith that it makes it bad or good. For example using faith has reason to start war is not good but when faith is used to reach out to someone when they need help it is good. One of the problems that I think that these churches that complain about Star Wars and whatever else they can use to say is corrupting the youth is that these churches view faith has obligation and less of something that meant to connect to the problems that their community is facing has whole. In my opinion church is not meant to be chore but something that person wants to do. Another aspect of Star Wars that disappointed me was in the Phantom Menace when a test is meant to explain why the force is stronger in some individual compared to others because of molecules. By doing this in my opinion George Lucas is changing his opinion of what the force is and it seem to me he taking the very idea of faith out of the movie and putting science in its place. While this not necessarily a bad thing it just something that does really go with the original Star Wars Universe. If all parts of religion were supposed to be explain by science than it would not be faith.

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